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*VOLUME Volumising Shampoo 250ml

*VOLUME Volumising Shampoo 250ml

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VOLUME - Volume, Softness, Hydration

Volumising Shampoo


Cleanses, giving body and volume to the hair. Maize proteins guarantee an extraordinary elasticity to the hair.

VOLUMISING COMPLEX: makes the hair strong and thick.

QUATERNISED GUAR GUM: Cationic polymer that is fixed on the hair. Conditioner, softens hair and makes it easier to untangle.

Fashion sets a natural movement that can highlight facial features. To have voluminous hair, it is necessary to add body and thickness to the hair.

Active Ingredients

MAIZE PROTEINS: Restructuring and volumising action.

COTTON: adds softness, hydration and volume to the hair.

How to use:

Distribute both on the scalp and wet hair. Massage. Emulsify and rinse. Repeat treatment if necessary.

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