Collection: *Termix Evolution Brushes

The Termix Evolution hairbrushes not only avoid hair damage, but take care of the hair, giving it 27% more shine and 43% less breakage. The ionized fibers are designed with a specific flexibility, thickness and amount to adapt to the need of each hair:

EVOLUTION SOFT FOR THIN HAIR - designed to prevent hair breakage and worsening of the hair shaft in thin and delicate hair due to its cross-system of ionized nylon bristles of thin diameter and beige colored microfilaments. Its system allows a better grip without damaging hair and providing an effect of increased capillary density.

EVOLUTION BASIC FOR MEDIUM HAIR - designed to control dehydration problems of hair of medium thickness by combining the design of its tube and the amount and specific thickness of the ionized nylon fibers.

EVOLUTION PLUS FOR THICK HAIR - its design helps control and style thick and unmanageable hair thanks to the specific density of its ionized nylon fibers. These bristles are more resistant than the ones found in other hairbrushes, thus reducing the loading force that occurs upon drying this type of hair.