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Viba Professional Dust Free Bleaching Powder 500g

Viba Professional Dust Free Bleaching Powder 500g

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Viba Professional Dust Free Bleaching Powder


The Dust-Free Bleaching Powder with high bleaching power has been formulated to lift hair up to 7 levels. The non-volatile formula is extremely quick and easy to mix and is suitable for any lightening technique. The mixture obtained has a velvety, lump-free texture, it adheres well to hair, it is easy to apply and guarantees perfectly uniform results. This powder allows you to obtain streaks, highlights and strong bleaching effects, while still being gentle on hair.

What does it do?

  • Lifts 6 / 7 levels.
  • Dust-free formula: no volatile powders are released during dosing and mixing.
  • Does not swell during application
  • Good conditioning action on hair.
  • Highly effective, rapid bleaching powder.
  • Does not dry but remains creamy and hydrating during application.
Ideal for contrasting and neutralising yellow tones.

500 gram pouch

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