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*StyleCraft Rebel Foil Shaver Replacement Gold Titanium Head

*StyleCraft Rebel Foil Shaver Replacement Gold Titanium Head

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This replacement Snap-On foil head is compatible with the StyleCraft Rebel Foil Shaver only. 

The StyleCraft Rebel Foils are gold coated and made of the highest quality titanium.

Titanium foils offer hypoallergenic properties which is great for even the most sensitive skin.

Replacing your head every 3-6 months to keep the shaves close and clean.


Make sure the device is turned off. Firmly grasp both sides of the foil head while holding the shaver with your other hand and pull away from the device.

Snap-On the new shaver head onto the device, starting on the left side and then pushing down until it clicks into place.  Do not force it.  Turn on the machine to make sure the foil head is secure before using.

For best operational use, make sure you clean your foil head & cutters regularly or daily depending on how much the shaver is used. This can be done by rinsing with warm water, gently brushing with a small soft bristle brush or blow out carefully with compressed air to remove debris. Make sure the all components are completely dry before placing it back onto the shaver.

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