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SC Stylecraft SC Rebel Professional Super-Torque Modular Cordless Hair Clipper

SC Stylecraft SC Rebel Professional Super-Torque Modular Cordless Hair Clipper

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With more power than ever before, the Rebel has a super-torque rotary motor with 7,200 rpms yet still has low noise and vibration. The Rebel has three (3) body modification kits with Pink, Blue, or Black lids — all sporting the Rebel logo and an illuminating light when in use. Assembled with the Double Black Diamond blade combination of Fusion fixed blade and Deep Slim cutting blade and hanging hook for storage.

With customizable click or freestyle levers for maximum precision, flexibility, and options. Featuring our new color-coded Dub Double Magnetic guards with harder, longer-lasting, and stiffer plastic teeth. Includes a charging stand, stretch bracket, pass-thru charging cord, and Micro-USB charging cord for universal charging functionality.

  • BLACK DIAMOND FIXED BLADE stays cooler, rust-free and sharper longer
  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY delivers a leading 3 hours of cordless run-time
  • BLACK DIAMOND DEEP TOOTH SLIM cutting blade           
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE BLADE can be easily zero gapped             
  • 2 ADDITIONAL HOUSING options for different body modifications       
  • CLICK or FREESTYLE LEVER TAPER CONTROL with 5 different positions  
  • TIGHT OR STRETCH TAPER BRACKET kits for long or short taper options  
  • 8 BLACK DUB MAGNETIC GUARDS included for maximum performance

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