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*RE-INTEGRA High Protein Repair Shampoo 250ml

*RE-INTEGRA High Protein Repair Shampoo 250ml

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RE-INTEGRA - Rebuilds, Restores, Repairs

High Protein Repair Shampoo


Deeply restructures and moisturises, ensuring gloss and vitality.

D PANTENOL: moisturising and polishing.

CERAMIDE 2: Reinforces the structure of the hair. Ceramide 2 is also called capillary cement.



Rebuilds, restores, repairs

Stress, bad nutrition, smog, too aggressive products and improper cosmetic habits will damage and weaken hair. The correct balance of nutrients needs to be restored.

Active Ingredients

PHOENIX DACTYLIFERA: moisturising, antioxidant, remineralising.

VITACELL-REPAIR: Stimulates the keratinisation process at the level of the follicle, for a deep reconstruction.

How to use:

Distribute both on the scalp and wet hair. Massage. Emulsify and rinse. Repeat treatment if necessary.

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