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Pivot Point Bi-Colour Training Head

Pivot Point Bi-Colour Training Head

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Designed specifically for colour training, the Bicolour mannequin is ideal for highlights, lowlights and direct dyes. Featuring two distinct ultra-light and dark zones, you can dedicate your attention to specific challenges that replicate real life scenarios with side-by-side comparison.


Pivot Point Bi-Colour Training Head features:

Name: Bi-Colour

Head Size: Small

Form: Uniform

Hair Type:  Indian

Colour Field: Medium Dark & Ultra Light

Hair Length: 20cm

 *Indian hair has a naturally wavy texture, allowing for movement ideal for styling. It is less chemically resistant than Chinese hair. Before chemically treating, be mindful it has been previously lightened to the featured color level. Always perform a strand test when working with chemicals.

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