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*Philthy Blendz Modification Bracket for Clippers

*Philthy Blendz Modification Bracket for Clippers

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Philthy Blendz Clipper Modification Bracket

Use you master blade on other brand clippers.

Modification bracket/blade slide seperate individual. This modified bracket/blade slide allows you to use your Andis masters blade(s) on ANY WAHL CLIPPER! Please use Andis masters blade screws. The bracket slides on like any other bracket, and it aligns with the Andis blade hole format. You can use your wahl cutting blade (moving blade)  and the top blade (still blade) from Andis. ( not cordless ) Please do not use the staggered tooth cutting blade because it snags. Use any wahl cutter blade that doesn’t have staggered teeth.  You’ll now be able to use your magnetic guards and not have to worry about cords and the heaviness from the Andis master/fade master. You’ll never need to send in if you break or chip your blade- just buy a new Andis blade and put it on like a regular clipper. It’s that easy. Brackets may change from appearance time to time depending on production times and inventory. You may receive a 4 hole 5 hole or even 6. Black or chrome. Andis screws sold seperate

Philthy Blendz is not affiliated with Wahl or Andis clipper companies. They are two separate corporations. 


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