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Pegasus Theramic Brush 43mm

Pegasus Theramic Brush 43mm

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comTerrific Style, Tremendous Ease

43mm diameter barrel

Pegasus Theramic Brushes ease tedious styling and blow-drying. This detangling super hair tool comes in a unique design and a firm grip, in 9 different sizes and 2 types of lengths, making it perfect for all hair types.



Ceramic Coated Body

This is for uniform heating and heat retention, ensuring quality styling with minimum damage. Helps the release of negative ions to offer minimum static and better quality combing.


Smooth Edged Bristles 

Custom designed to eliminate the damage caused by sharper tips. Offers a soothing comb through and protects the scalp. The bristles can withstand head without damage.


Ergonomic Design with Firm Grip

For an easy grip and better combing action. Multi-action tip great for sectioning hair.


Available in 9 Sizes of:

25mm, 33mm, 43mm, 53mm, 65mm Regular Length

25mm, 33mm, 43mm and 53mm Longer Length

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