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NUTRIACTIVE Nourishing Mask 250ml
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NUTRIACTIVE Nourishing Mask 250ml

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NUTRIACTIVE - Deep Nourishing and Moisturising

Nourishing Mask


Nourishes and deeply hydrates dry hair. Disentangles and makes it manageable, leaving shiny and soft hair.

D PANTENOL: moisturising and polishing.

SILK PROTEINS: nourish, moisturise and soften the hair.

VITALSOFT: increases hair shine.


The daily use of aggressive cosmetic products, straighteners or hair dryers at too high temperatures can lighten the hair, making it fragile. Dried and weak hair is dull, weak in the structure and difficult to comb. To have soft, shiny, thick hair, the hair must be nourished deeply, the scalp hydrated and softness and combability added.

Active Ingredients

SAFFLOWER OIL: deeply nourishes hair and scalp.

SERICIN: compacts the damaged cuticle. Restores capillary hydration.

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