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Indian Ear Candles - Relaxing Rose

Indian Ear Candles - Relaxing Rose

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Relaxing Rose - Eliminate nervous tension, anxiety, depression and menopausal troubles.

The ancient art of ear candling is today used as an alternative therapy to relieve pressure in the ears and improve overall well-being.

Relaxing and revitalising fragrances create a calming atmosphere while the gentle burn of the Indian Ear Candle stimulates a vacuum sensation, said to draw out impurities. These Indian Ear Candle pairs are made from 100% organic ingredients (including natural beeswax)

Main Benefits of Ear Candles:

  • Relieve the pressure inside the ear canal and nasal sinus tubes
  • Remove excess earwax safely and effectively
  • Ease the symptoms of tinnitus and itching
  • Strengthen the sense of hearing
  • Good for resistance to infection
  • Relieve headache and ease dizziness.

Also available in Lifeful Tea Plant, Dreamy Lavender, Relaxing Rose and Fresh Corn Mint.

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