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Gamma+ Evo Nano Mister - Black

Gamma+ Evo Nano Mister - Black

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Nano atomization technology for improved absorption. The nebulizer is equipped with nano nozzle atomization technology that dispenses a super fine fog-like mist, promoting better absorption and uniform coverage of the targeted area.

Perfect for hair, skin and hard surfaces. Gamma+ Evo Nano Mister is the perfect vaporizer for professional barbers, stylists, and for home use when misting hair, refreshes skin, or cleaning a surface. In the box, 1x Gamma+ Evo Nano Mister Spray System and 1x USB Type-C cable.

This cordless and compact, handheld design is great for portability and manoeuvring around clients or the workstation. It has the option to have high or low misting settings with an indication to show which setting the device is on and to show it is charging.

Long-lasting rechargeable USB type-c battery. Engineered with a Lithium-ion battery, it provides 90-minutes of cordless run-time on low setting and 60 minutes on high setting. Rechargeable with a USB Type-C connection for universal worldwide use. When the battery is fully charged, an LED indicator lights up to alert you that the device is ready for use.

High capacity and quiet. Thanks to the 340ml/13oz water tank, you won't need to refill the nebulizer frequently. This allows for extended use with minimal interruptions, and the vaporizer operates extremely quietly.

Easy to use. Fill the tank with water. You can also mix the water with a non-viscous liquid such as alcohol or cologne. Press the power button to select the targeted mist volume, high or low. Spray on hair, skin, or barber/salon chairs and stations.

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