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Gamma Plus UK

*Gamma+ Cyborg Metal Clipper with Digital Motor

*Gamma+ Cyborg Metal Clipper with Digital Motor

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Gamma+ Cyborg Clipper with Heavy duty full metal body and a high-tech design.

Gamma+ Cyborg is smart and strong: digital motor with 7500 RPM and high torque. Perfect results. Gamma+ Cyborg respects tradition and at the same time looks forward to the future. Vintage style and high-tech design. It offers cutting edge technology and innovation. No matter if you are right-handed or left-handed. Gamma+ Cyborg comes with 2 customizable levers (floating or click). 1 customizable lever for each side. It is not possible to mount both levers at the same time.  While keeping tradition in mind with a flare of innovation at the same time the Cyborg offers the best performances and a unique style.


  • Assembled with a Fixed Black Diamond Faper blade and Black Diamond Deep Slim cutting
    blade for the smoothest operation and most efficient performances.
  • 7500 RPM Digital motor offers more efficient power transfer for smoother operation.
  • High torque density with low vibration and sound.
  • 2 customizable click or floating levers* for left or right handed operation.  It is not possible to mount both levers at the same time
  • Anti-sliding heavy-duty docking station with LED light.
  • Charging time: 150 minutes.
  • Rechargeable battery. 4 LED lights indicate different battery level.
  • Runtime: 200 minutes.
  • Heavy duty full metal body with ergonomic design. Recessed hand grip provides increased stability and safer handling.
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