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*EQUILIBRIO Sebo Balancing Clay Mask 200ml

*EQUILIBRIO Sebo Balancing Clay Mask 200ml

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Sebo Balancing Clay Mask


Cleans the skin by eliminating excess sebum. Helps to decongest the reddened skin.

WHITE CLAY: absorbs excess sebum.

ALLANTOIN: has a soothing and dermo-protective action.

Excessive sebum production makes skin oily and hair heavy. The excessive presence of sebum alters the correct skin pH, generating bacterial and microbial production. It is therefore necessary to regulate the functioning of the sebaceous gland, remove excess sebum and hydrate the scalp and hair.

Active Ingredients

BURDOCK: performs an antiseptic and sebo-regulating action

SEBOCOMPLEX: inhibits the sebaceous gland by reducing sebum secretion.

How to use:

Take out the required quantity using the spatula. Before washing with dried hair, distribute on the scalp with the brush. Gently massage to ensure the distribution. Recommended application time: five minutes. Emulsify with just a bit of shampoo and rinse delicately.

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