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*ENERGISING Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo 250ml

*ENERGISING Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo 250ml

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ENERGIA Energising

Energising Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo



Cleans and strengthens the capillary fibre, which helps in the treatment to prevent hair loss.

SALICYLIC ACID: Prepares the skin to receive the treatment and improves cell replacement.

CAFFEINE: stimulates skin microcirculation.



Prevents hair loss with stem cells from the apple

The balance of hair loss and regrowth can be altered by hormonal, hereditary and environmental factors, stress, drug use, food deficiencies. It is necessary to stimulate the hair bulb and slow down the ageing of the follicle.

Active Ingredients

VITACELL-TEC: extracted from stem cells of the apple, stimulates the bulb, increases vitality, slows down the ageing of the follicle, regulates the hair’s life cycle, contributes to the slowdown of hair loss.

VITAXIL: stimulates the hair bulb, slows down hair loss and promotes regrowth.

How to use;

Distribute both on the scalp and wet hair. Massage. Emulsify and rinse. Repeat treatment if necessary.

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