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Crazy Bull - Shades of Grey Blending Clay 100ml

Crazy Bull - Shades of Grey Blending Clay 100ml

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Style Hold: 3/5

Texture: 3/5

Low Shine/Satin Finish

Unlike anything on the market, Crazy Bull have developed Shades of Grey colour blending texture clay to tint down your hair colour while adding texture and form. For both young and older gents, Shades tints the hair giving you a noticeable look. It also helps obscure white and grey hairs temporarily tinting them to blend with the base hair colour. 

Vegan-Friendly formulation utilising a natural bentonite clay base. 
Not tested on animals. 

Designed and distributed in the UK. 
Sweet fruit scented.
Size: 100 ml, 3.38 fl
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