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*COLORE After Color Mask 250ml

*COLORE After Color Mask 250ml

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COLORE - formulated especially for use after color treatments

After Color Mask


Hair colour is an important element for a woman’s beauty and personality. That is why it must always be consistent over time, lively and brilliant. It is therefore necessary to fix the pigments of the colour inside the hair structure, and then to preserve the intensity and duration in time.

Provides gloss and brilliance to coloured hair. Increases the duration of the colour and extends its brightness. Hydrated and comb-able hair thanks to the rice proteins. SHINE & SOFT: eliminates the electrostatic effect. Adds extraordinary hair shine and softness. D PANTENOL: moisturising and polishing.

Active Ingredients

improves the fastness of the tint and the duration of the colour. Protects against environmental stress (smog, smoke, sunlight, etc.) and damage caused by the heat of the hair dryer and UV rays.

powerful natural antioxidant action.

restructure and rebuild the capillary fibre. Increase the ease of disentangling by leaving the hair soft and brilliant.

How to use:

Apply the necessary amount of mask to suit the length and thickness of hair. Massage and leave to act for 5 minutes. Comb through and rinse carefully.

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