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Cocoon for Men CARE+ Daily Face Serum 60ml

Cocoon for Men CARE+ Daily Face Serum 60ml

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 Cocoon CARE + Daily Face Serum 60ml

  • Calendula oil: moisturizing and soothing properties, promotes the restoration of the physiological balance of the skin.
  • Alpha Bisabolol: derived from Roman Chamomile, it has soothing properties.
  • Vitamin E: anti-free radical function and excellent emollient.
  • Collagen peptides / Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: with low molecular weight they favor positioning on the first layer of the dermis, giving the oval of the face an enviable appearance.
  • Green Coffee Extract: high energizing power, strengthens elastic fibers and contributes to the renewal of skin tissues.
  • Hamamelis extract: astringent properties par excellence. Very active on oily skin, impure and easy to redness.
  • Liposome Collagen: stimulating properties in the synthesis of new collagen fibers.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: performs an emollient and healing action on the epidermis.
  • Urea: in addition to being a very powerful moisturizer, it promotes the detachment of superficial dead cells leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • Plant collagen: it is a structural protein and is responsible for maintaining the elasticity and tone of the tissues and the reduction of wrinkles.
  • Argan oil: thanks to the high content of antioxidants, it prevents the aging of skin tissues, counteracting the formation of free radicals.

Cocoon  is a line specifically designed for male face care, with a very pleasant fragrance and formulated with dedicated and safe ingredients and plant extracts. Due to hormonal issues, tending to be fatter than that of the woman, man's skin is characterized by the area covered by the beard, which is more oily and acneic, due to the transport of sebum on the surface favored by intense hair growth. In the forehead and eye area it is more often dehydrated and prone to wrinkles. Shaving also promotes irritation and increases skin stress.

Cocoon was born with the intention of providing man's skin with a complete treatment:
  • in the morning, the CARE + Soothing Cocoon Serum reduces and soothes redness due to shaving and restores the natural hydrolipidic coat, providing the right amount of hydration throughout the day.
  • in the evening, the Cocoon RESTORE + cream completes the treatment preserving hydration and elasticity, nourishing and protecting the skin until the morning.

Cocoon products are particularly suitable for mature skin, increasing elasticity and promoting facial relaxation.

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