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Cerena Kalea 6.5" Offset Scissors

Cerena Kalea 6.5" Offset Scissors

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Cerena Kalea Gold 6.5" Offset Scissors

  • Hair scissors in ergonomic offset shape
  • gold-plated surface
  • convex scissor blades with hollow ground
  • polished scissor blades with fine trigger
  • perfect for slicing and cutting
  • adjustable screw system
  • interchangeable finger hook

Discover the Cerena Kalea hair scissors - your perfect choice for precise cutting and creative styling. With its ergonomic offset shape, it offers you comfort and lightness with every cut. The gold-plated surface not only gives the scissors an elegant look, but also ensures a long service life and corrosion resistance.

The convex hollow ground scissor blades allow you to achieve precise and sharp cutting performance. They glide smoothly through the hair, while the hollow grind ensures that there are no unsightly edges. The polished scissor blades with fine trigger guarantee extra sharpness and accuracy.

The Cerena Kalea hair scissors are perfect for slicing and cutting. Whether it's thinning, contouring, or shaping your hairstyles, it allows you to make a smooth and precise cut.

The adjustable screw system allows you to adjust the tension of the scissors. This allows you to optimally adapt the scissors to your hand movements and enjoy an effortless cutting experience.

The interchangeable finger hook gives you flexibility and customization options. Easily adjust the scissors to your hand size and experience optimal balance and control during cutting.

With the Cerena Kalea hair scissors, you get a high-quality and professional tool that enriches your everyday hairdressing. Discover the precision and performance of these scissors now and let your creativity unleash your hair styling.

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