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Pegasus 514a Clipper Comb - Skulleto Silver

Pegasus 514a Clipper Comb - Skulleto Silver

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Pegasus Hard Rubber Clipper Comb - 514a.

Clipper combs are professional styling tools that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Right from blending to tapering to cutting flat tops, these combs are designed to provide barbers with an accurate finish.

The idea is to provide a firm grip while running the scissors through hair.

The angles make it easier to cut hair by placing the blades close to the surface.

Length 220mm x width 50mm

PEGASUS combs are 100% hard rubber + feature FLEXINITE technology.

Pegasus Combs are made with FLEXINITE, Smart Comb Technology which is sensitive to changing temperatures. Flexinite teeth are seamless which means no damage. What's more amazing is that FLEXINITE mimics hair and flexibly moves when treated with heat and chemicals; so the hair glides through smoothly with minimal hair damage! And when the comb with Flexinite cools down, FLEXINITE regains its original shape. This makes FLEXINITE one of the best technologies in the world for styling, cutting or simply to comb wet or dry hair.

Pegasus Combs with FLEXINITE are light, washable and incredibly strong ...... STYLE WITHOUT FEAR!!

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