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Neocape - Wash & Colour Cape M/L

Neocape - Wash & Colour Cape M/L

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The Wash & Colour cape protects your client's skin and clothes when you are tinting, washing or applying cosmetics. The circular cape goes down to the waist and will fit easily over other gowns or can be used on its own.

The durable Wash & Colour cape is water, bleach and tint proof. Made of polyurethane coated fabric with a Neoprene collar, no hair or liquid will get past.

There are two different sizes to choose from:

Small / Medium neck: perfect for children through to slender adult (please see other listings)
Medium / Large neck: our regular adult collar size

The cape is easy to maintain and simply wipes clean when it comes into contact with chemicals or cosmetics.

  • Water, bleach and colour proof
  • Short cape
  • Simply wipe clean
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