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Intensive Aqua

*HYDRA Hydrating Leave In Conditioner 150ml

*HYDRA Hydrating Leave In Conditioner 150ml

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HYDRA - Daily Hydrating

Hydrating Leave In No Rinse Conditioner


Instantly hydrates hair. Its formulation without rinsing allows it to be used quickly and in any situation. Great as a moisturiser and porosity stabiliser before a technical treatment.

OLIVE OIL ESTERS: add softness and nourishment to the hair.

D PANTENOL: moisturising and polishing.

Current lifestyles require frequent washing. Delicate products that allow good hydration should be used. Ideal as a treatment suggestion for those who love fitness. Great for taking care of your hair even in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the products in this family provide exceptional technical support as hydration and porosity stabilisers.

Active Ingredients

SILK PROTEINS: restructure and soften.

HYDRAGEL: keeps the hair hydrated for a long time.

How to use:

Spray onto the hair. Massage until the product is completely absorbed. Comb. Do not rinse. 

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