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*Hairdo! Beard Balm 50ml

*Hairdo! Beard Balm 50ml

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Beard Balm from Hairdo is for you who want to take care of your beard. Our Beard Balm adds freshness and leaves the beard with a groomed expression. The beard will appear well-groomed, and with a slight scent of wood, it will appear fresh and welcoming all day. This Beard Balm from Hairdo has a bit of starch in it, and can therefore also be used to style the beard for either a hairstyle or a natural look.


Take a blob of Beard Balm, warm it slightly between fingers and palms. Afterwards, Beard Balm should be massaged into the beard.

Product properties

  • Nourishes and nourishes your beard.
  • Reduces dry beard and makes beard more supple.
  • Not tested on animals and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way in Denmark.


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