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Gamma NEXT Ammonia & PPD Free Hair Color Cream - 1/00 Black

Gamma NEXT Ammonia & PPD Free Hair Color Cream - 1/00 Black

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Gamma Next Ammonia & PPD Free Hair Color Cream

1/00 Black



High performance vibrant colors with maximum respect and protection for hair. Coverage, intensity and lasting results with hypoallergenic perfume, 100% ammonia free salon experience. With VibraRiche® technology, Macadamia oil, vegetable proteins and UV-B color protection filter. Conditioned silky hair with extra shine.

77 shades available.

100ml Tube

Active Ingredients

Phytokeratine®, VibraRiche®, Macadamia Oil, Medowfoam Seed Oil

Cruelty Free

 Free From

Ammonia & PPD

Hypoallergenic Fragrance

UV-B Filter

How to Use

MIXING 1 + 1,5. 60ml color cream + 90ml oxidant cream

PREPARATION: Wear gloves. Mix with OxyCream in a non-metallic bowl until you obtain a smooth cream.

APPLICATION: Apply to dry unwashed hair. Start on roots and extend along the hair shaft and ends. Leave for approx 30 minutes. Emulsify the color cream giving a gentle massage and rinse out.


Mixing Ratios:

  • NEXT 1: 1.5 (60ml Color + 90ml Oxy)
  • NEXT Series 11/  1:2 (60ml Color + 120ml Oxy)
  • NEXT Series 00/ 1:1.5 (60ml Color to 90ml Oxy)

Grey Hair Coverage:

  • /00 for normal grey 
  • /00+ for very resistant grey hair

Mixing % for grey hair:

  • 50-75% grey - 1/4 (25%) natural base + 3/4 (75%) desired shade
  • 75-100% grey - 1/2 (50%) natural base + 1/2 (50%) desired shade
  • Use 20vol 6%


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