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Crazy Bull Spray, Style & White End Dandruff Shampoo Combo

Crazy Bull Spray, Style & White End Dandruff Shampoo Combo

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Styling Product

Get your choice of full size styling product, a bottle of the legendary Crazy Bull Bull Blaster Salt Spray, and an Oily Free shampoo in one discounted combo!!

Crazy Bull White End Shampoo

White End Shampoo is a specially designed dandruff control shampoo designed to combat oil control and an excessively dry scalp. No conditioner required. 

Crazy Bull Bull Blaster Salt Spray 275ml

Style Hold: 3/5

Textured look: 4/5

Full Matte Finish

Crazy Bull's fearless Bull Blaster salt spray is an unstoppable texture force. Designed to be used alone or with one of the other styling products in the range, the matte finish signature salt spray will bring your hair back to life rescuing flat or fine hair making it look more full and with volume. Tame your Mane! 

Choose from the following Styling Products:

Funky Head

Matt Me Up

Play Hard

Bull Blaster Pomade

Clay Play

Freaky Mud


Shades of Grey

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