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Barberaid 500ml Ready to Spray Sanitiser Spray

Barberaid 500ml Ready to Spray Sanitiser Spray

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Barberaid is a powerful cleaner, disinfectant and deodoriser, effectively destroying a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses at the source.
Eliminating odours and leaving a fresh fragrance.

Created to be a single use product for all water washable surfaces such as salon tools, counters, floors, walls, chairs, mirrors, combs, etc…

Unlike conventional disinfectants it will not cause detrimental effect to animals and is safe to use around them without rinsing

Ideal for usage in barbers, salons, clinic, sports centres, internal / external public spaces

Protect against Bacteria & Enveloped Viruses, Canine Parvo-virus (type 2), Feline Calici virus and kennel cough.
Also effective against H1N1 Swine-flu, Newcastle disease, TB, Avian Influenza Virus, Corona Virus and foot & mouth etc..
Effective disinfectant to standards: EN1040, EN 1276, EN13697, EN1650, EN1275 EN 14476:2005.
Broad spectrum disinfectant to EN1656, EN1657 for use in salon / veterinary environments

Barberaid does NOT contain phenols, bleaches or pine oils

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